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An efficient management of logistics is crucial for effective delivery of health services throughout the country. Hence, Logistics Management Division (LMD) had been established under the Department of Health Services in the year 2050/51 (1993), with a network of Central Stores, five Regional Medical Stores and District Stores. LMD is involved in Procurement of Essential Drugs, Family Planning Contraceptives, Maternal & Child Health Commodities, Vaccines, Medical Equipments, Vehicles and other Health Commodities. LMD is also responsible for their Storage and Distribution to Regions and Districts. LMD manages Logistics Management Information Systems (LMIS), from over 4,000 Health Facilities in the country.

Recently LMD has started web based LMIS, web based Inventory Management System, Rural Telemedicine Program, and e-Post etc. improving access to Health Service & Information thereby helping decision makers at all levels.

Tender Notices

Title Published Last Date
PROCUREMENT OF Tab. DEC 100 mg International Competitive Bidding (ICB) IFB No. DOHS/G/ICB-146 06/09/2016 21/10/2016
Refer to IFB No. DOHS/G/ICB-133/ Procurement of Hospital Equipment AMENDMENT OF BIDDING DOCUMENT Date of issue: October 5, 2016 05/10/2016 -
PROCUREMENT OF HOSPITAL EQUIPMENTS International Competitive Bidding (ICB) IFB No. DOHS/G/ICB-133 04/10/2016 21/11/2016
PROCUREMENT OF DRUGS International Competitive Bidding (ICB) IFB No. DOHS/G/ICB-129 02/10/2016 15/11/2016
Procurement Of Inescticides For Malaria and Kala-Azar Control International Competitive Bidding (ICB) IFB No. NHSP-II/DOHS/G/ICB-128 22/09/2016 07/11/2016
THE PROCUREMENT OF Nationwide Maintenance Services of Medical Equipment National Competitive Bidding (NCB) IFB Nos. DoHS/MC-2016/Lot-1, Lot-2 and Lot-3 12/08/2016 25/09/2016
DOHS/NS/NCB-218/2015-16/Security Service For Department of Health Services 03/08/2016 02/09/2016
Sealed Quotation Document for Printing of Immunization Certificate For Child Health Division IFB No.: NHSP-II/DOHS/G/SQ-03 10/06/2016 23/06/2016
पुराना सवारी साधन, (मोटर,मोटरसाइकल) कम्प्युटर, फोटोकपी मेशिन, प्रिण्टर, यु.पि.एस. फ्रिज, कार्यालय सामान, फर्निचर तथा अन्य सामानहरु लिलाम बिक्रीसम्बन्धी बोल–पत्र फाराम 26/05/2016 16/06/2016
Invitation for Bids IFB No. : NHSP-II/DOHS/G/ICB-112/Procurement of Injection DMPA 26/05/2016 10/07/2016
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