Grievance Handling and Redressal Mechanism

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Do I have to Sign up to lodge the grievance?
  No, You can simply click the "Lodge Grievance" link and fill up the form.
2.Can I send the supporting Documents while lodging Grievance?
 Yes. You can upload as many files as you can but a file size must not exceed more than 4 MB.
3.What types of file are supported?
 You can upload Image file, Video file, Pdf file or Doc file. 
4.Why do I need Password for the Grievance?
If you wish to keep your grievance status confidential then only you need password and this password along with your registration number is required view the status of grievance.
5.What if I forgot the Password or wish to change the Password?
You can simply go to the  "change Password"  link if you wish to change your gievance password  or "forgotten password" link to retireve your forgotten password.
6.Who can view my Personal Details?
Only concerned officer of DoR can view your personal details.
7.Why do I need to provide my personal details?
Generally, your personal details are not that important but sometimes for further correspondence or  for more investigation, DoR officer needs your contact information to contact you. 
8.Can I submit Reminders/Clarifications of the Grievance?
YES. You may send reminders/clarifications to your grievance. 
9.How can I track my Grievance Status/Result?
Once you lodged the new grievance, our system will automatically provide you the registration number. With the help of this registration number you can track the status/result of your grievanc from "View Grievance Status" link.
10.What if I Forgot/Lost my registration Number?
There is no any provision for recovering your registration number; therefore you should keep it within yourself in safe place. Also, if you have provided your email address or Mobile number, the system will automatically send you your grievance registration number  during the time of registration. 

11.Do I need separate grievance registration number for different Grievance?
Yes, the system will provide you unique grievance registration number for each grievance.